Froot of the month: Marina and the Diamonds unveils ‘FORGET’ track

Take a bite of the latest “Froot of the month”.

With ‘FROOT’’s release just a month away, Marina and the Diamonds has unveiled a brand new track, ‘FORGET’.

An instant slice of stratospheric, emotion-drenched pop, it’s the latest “Froot of the month” from Marina, linking up with a title-track, ‘I’m a Ruin’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Immortal’.

‘FROOT’ is released on 6th April, with ‘FORGET’ streaming below.

Marina and the Diamonds is playing her first UK show of 2015 for DIY Presents. She arrives at London Oslo, Hackney, on 11th March. Tickets have sold out, but worry not - we’ll be bringing you all the backstage gossip, pre-show excitement and tons of exclusives around the gig.

Keep an eye out on DIY for a competition to win tickets to the London, Oslo gig.

Listen to ‘FORGET’ below.

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