Premiere: Eddi Front returns with ‘Elevator’, taken from a debut LP

New York-based songwriter dazzles on the first taste of a full-length.

Back in 2012, a songwriter going by the alias Eddi Front managed to single-handedly break Bandcamp. A small batch of recordings - self-released - were put out with zero fuss, and it had many wondering if the project was indeed a “Front”, another name for an established voice. Such was the level of detail at play in each of her early recordings.

It soon emerged that the project belonged to Ivana Carrescia, a Las Vegas-born talent who’d previously lent backing vocals for Ryan Adams at his Electric Lady Studio. Since her debut EP on Best Fit, her music’s been used in big-budget commercials and a Marilyn Monroe documentaries, but now she’s making her first big step.

A debut album is readied for release later this year. From it, today she’s sharing ‘Elevator’, a pirouetting, constantly dazzling statement of intent. Even from the beginning, Eddi Front sat somewhere outside the norm, but she’s truly operating in her own territory here.

“I wrote this song a few years ago and re-recorded it properly for the record. Brings me back to the way I was thinking and living before my days brightened up,” she says, referring to a time when she was in her late teens, suffering from depression. “It’s a reminder to be always kind to myself.”

Listen to Eddi Front’s ‘Elevator’ below.


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