Hold on: SBTRKT says his new album will be “more grimey”

The follow-up to ‘Wonder Where We Land’ is also apparently coming “quite soon”.

In a new chat with Australian radio station Triple J, SBTRKT has opened up about new material.

“It’s got more electronic in a way, more grimey as well, so it’s kind of a new space,” said Aaron Jerome in a chat with the station’s presenters Veronica and Lewis. The record is also apparently set to feature less high-profile collaborations, instead focussing on a more in-depth personal process.

“I basically try and hone in on very one idea album, so it’s very much got a strong ethos between the tracks, they all feel like they belong in one place,” he explained. He’s also headed back to his bedroom studio, rather than the island on which 2014’s ‘Wonder Where We Land’ was put to tape.

Tantalisingly, SBTRKT hopes to reveal some of this new material “hopefully quite soon, I’d hopefully tease something this year.” Check out audio of the full interview below.

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