“That was amazing!” - Creeper reflect on their Reading 2016 set

Reading 2016: “That was amazing!” - Creeper reflect on their Reading 2016 set

The band played their biggest set yet earlier today.

Creeper cut their teeth in sweat-drenched pubs - places your head would touch the roof onstage. As such, today’s huge Reading Festival slot feels alien to Creeper. “That was amazing! There was so much space onstage,” guitarist Ian Miles comments, finding the tiniest bit of shade amongst the festival’s sweltering heat.

The band have made a clear series of steps up this year, and Miles feels the band are becoming more ready for each next leap forward. “At first, it was such a massive change, every next thing he did that was bigger than the last, but not I think we’re catching up with it.”

The band’s debut album is a while away, and Miles cites ‘awkward second album syndrome’, and says the pressure to put out a full-length hasn’t reached the band yet. “We’re kind of already past the point of a big build up to a debut album, as we released our first EP, then two more EPs which were heavily tied together and totalled ten songs, so we feel like we’ve done it.”

Pressure isn’t reaching the band, then, but a hectic end to 2016 awaits the band, heading to America before a slew of dates in support of Pierce The Veil. It concludes a year that has taken the band to bigger places than they’d ever have imagined.

Keyboardist Hannah Greenwood completed the band’s current line-up with her first show at last year’s Download Festival, and in the year since then they’ve gone from strength to strength, citing their first headline tour as the biggest step up, with only a few hiccups.

Hannah remembers a show in Bath - “someone threw a glass of water onstage, and as I was trying to wipe it off my keyboard, I ended up putting it onto bongo setting, and it stayed there for the rest of the song.”

Though they deny it, inspiration for that debut album might have already come straight to them. We await the bongos.

Photo: Sinead Grainger / DIY

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