Album Review Dan Deacon - Mystic Familiar

Like the real world, but better.

Dan Deacon - Mystic Familiar

Dan Deacon causes headaches. Lovely, lovely headaches. The man has spent the best part of two decades creating album after album of batshit future-pop that hops from genre to genre like Rodger Rabbit on speed. He can be fun, but somewhat tiring. Thankfully with fifth studio album ‘Mystic Familiar’, he’s decided to take things a little slower, in the process creating his best, and perhaps most coherent, album to date.

This newly-found focus is no more apparent than on ‘Sat By A Tree’ and ‘Fell Into the Ocean’. The tracks’ crystal synths and floating keys allow the listener time to really appreciate the technicolour world Dan Deacon has created. A universe full of robots, balloons, and laser beams. Lots and lots of laser beams. It’s beautiful, mad and disturbing in equal measure. Like the real world, but better.


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