Listen Poppy unleashes new single ‘Khaos x4’

Poppy unleashes new single ‘Khaos x4’

She’s also announced the release of ‘I Disagree (more)’.

Following the release of ‘I Disagree’ earlier this is year, Poppy is back with a brand new banger and news of a deluxe edition of the record coming soon.

Sharing new single ‘Khaos x4’, the track comes alongside the announcement of ‘I Disagree (more)’ which will be released on 14th August via Sumerion Records and contains four brand new songs.

“This album feels like my first album,” she told us back in February. “All the things I’ve loved, I’ve been able to pour into this one. I got to have total freedom and didn’t let anyone else give their opinions until it was done, and even when it was done I didn’t really take their opinion into account. I just made what made me happy and proud, and was something I would listen to and want to perform for the next year or so on tour. It was all about what felt right. That’s what I try to operate on: does it feel real and does it feel right for me?”

Check out the full ‘I Disagree (more) track list and listen to ‘Khaos x4’ below.

‘I Disagree (more)’ Tracklisting:
1. Concrete
2. I Disagree
4. Anything Like Me
5. Fill the Crown
6. Nothing I Need
7. Sit / Stay
8. Bite Your Teeth
9. Sick of the Sun
10. Don’t Go Outside
11. If It Bleeds*
12. Bleep Bloop*
13. Khaos x4*
14. Don’t Ask*

*(previously unreleased)

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