Watch Rico Nasty releases new track ‘iPhone’

Rico Nasty releases new track ‘iPhone’

It’s the first single from her forthcoming debut album.

Announcing that her highly anticipated debut album is officially landing later this year, Rico Nasty is previewing ‘Nightmare Vacation’ with first single ‘iPhone’.

Produced by 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady, Rico has also shared a letter with the track, writing:

“Dear fans & supporters,

Today is the day I feel like we both waited a long time for. So happy to finally be sharing iPhone with all of you (old or new). Today also is the day I announce by debut album, I feel a lot of anxiousness (if that’s even a word?). I’m so ready to get it out and share it with you. I’ve been working on it for about 2 years now. Some of you probably know a lot of the songs I made in the process… but not the actual music that’s making the album :) you guys know I love surprises :) while working on this I remember feeling alone a lot of the time. In the studio alienating myself from the world. But every time I came back, you guys were there and I couldn’t ask for better fans. I hope when you guys are listening to this project you hear the growth as well as the power in the words.

You guys mean the world to me. Shake your ass & smack bitches to this!

And understand that anything you want you can achieve. But know there will be good and bad with everything. That’s why this album is called Nightmare Vacation. Sometimes the things you want aren’t the things you need. Ok but I’m taking too much.

K bye


Listen to ‘iPhone’ now below.

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