Listen Home Counties release new single ‘That’s Where The Money’s Gone’

Their debut EP is out now!

Releasing their debut EP ‘Redevelopment’ today, Bristol’s Home Counties are sharing their brand new single ‘That’s Where The Money’s Gone’.

“It’s possibly the most lyrically simple track of the EP,” singer Will Harrison says. “It’s message is so to the point, it probably even seems quite juvenile. It’s about contemporary conversations of where money goes and comes from. It was written very spontaneously around the time of Brexit and the last general election, and presents an oversimplified conversation about tax havens, immigration and welfare. It’s the only song that came directly out of a jam session, including the lyrics, which have remained unchanged. It was so much fun recording it - we did all the vocals all at the same time in a room facing each other, and I think the final recording captures the fun we were having in the room. Home Counties is a way more collective effort than our previous project, so I think this song is the perfect encapsulation of our process and intent.”

Have a listen now.


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