Watch Kali Uchis shares ‘La Luz’ video

Kali Uchis shares ‘La Luz’ video

Lifted from her forthcoming second album!

With the follow-up to 2018 debut ‘Isolation’ officially on the way, Kali Uchis is sharing the visuals for latest single ‘La Luz’.

Featuring Jhay Cortez and produced by Tainy, Kali says, “‘La Luz’ is about the inevitable—that moment when you set your sights on someone and can’t wait to do everything freaky imaginable with them. I was so excited to make my version of a Latin pop song because there’s no other song like it on my upcoming album. I love Jhay and Tainy’s music so I was honored to get in the studio with them.”

“I hope to continue expressing myself freely forever through all styles, genres and mediums,” she continues. “I hope my art inspires others to be free and express themselves too. Peace and love to all of Planet Earth. Thank you.”

Check out the vid below.

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