News Bakar announces debut album ‘Nobody’s Home’

Listen to new track ‘NW3’ now.

Set for release on 25th February, Bakar has announced his debut album ‘Nobody’s Home’.

Recorded during an “intense but magical” ten day stint in London’s Metropolis Studios, Bakar recalls, “So much magic is happening at one moment it can be overwhelming. In those moments I feel invincible. Like I can get off anything, I can make anything and I’m gonna get off my ideas. It’s a really enjoyable place to be. Once you get into that zone.”

Sharing new track ‘NW3’ alongside the news, Bakar says of the song, “I had moved to Hampstead, a nicer area. I had gone from the bottom of the hill in Camden, Chalk Farm, to being at the top of the hill. That’s a crazy thing to do from where I’m from. I guess the whole concept is me saying to a girl, ‘I think I’ve found the spot. There’s a whole new world up here, the top of the hill it looks different. Come see it.’”

Check it out below.

‘Nobody’s Home’ Tracklisting:
1. Noun
2. Youthenasia
3. The Mission
4. Reclaim!
5. Not From Here
6. Ginger Pubes
7. Alone Again
8. Runaway
9. Riot
10. Free
11. Change Of Heart
12. NW3
13. Gotham
14. Build Me A Way

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3 back issues for £7

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