Album Review Mall Grab - What I Breathe

He’s cohesively summarised what it is that makes him tick.

Mall Grab - What I Breathe

‘What I Breathe’ is Australian-born DJ and producer Jordon Alexander’s long-awaited first full-length, and a record which attempts to pull from all corners of his vast tastes. After getting flat opener ‘Hand In Hand Through Wonderland’ out of the way - it’s tedious and little more than atmospheric - the record begins to mean business. ‘I Can Remember It So Vividly’ uses glitchy synths and staggering basslines to paint a picture of late nights beneath the strobe lights, while follow-up ‘Love Reigns’ and its jolty piano offers up open-air day party vibes. As the album continues, listeners are met by a handful of star-studded features from Nia Archives to Turnstile’s Brendan Yates, while his no-prisoners take on production meets elite MCs on ‘Times Change’ with D Double E and Novelist creating the most robust features here. An album that covers this much ground could quickly feel disjointed, yet through painting with broad brush strokes, Mall Grab has cohesively summarised what it is that makes him tick.