Cover Feature Bastille: It’s a wild world

Bastille’s journey over the past four years has been ridiculous, but they’re not content with looking back. Now, they march forward, bringing new album ‘Wild World’ with them.

A lot can change in four years. Back in June 2012, an unknown South London quartet were beginning to make their mark. Their second single ‘Bad Blood’ was fresh to ears. It would take another nine months for the band to release their debut full-length of the same name. And yet within that time, their entire lives would be turned upside down. If someone had sat Bastille down to explain what was about to happen, they wouldn’t have – couldn’t have – believed it.

The list of their achievements so far goes on and on: from four million albums sold to a British Breakthrough BRIT Award tucked neatly in their collective (metaphorical) belt, it’s all a little hard to comprehend. Not least for the band themselves. But worldwide success and Grammy nominations aren’t things to dwell on. It’s time to look forward.

“Whenever people recount what we’ve got up to over the last few years in a few sentences, it always sounds ridiculous,” frontman Dan Smith admits. “It feels like it happened to us but also kinda didn’t.” Dan is sat with bandmate Kyle Simmons in a South London pub not all too far away from where he lives, pretty much back where it all began. It’s the first time they’ve opened up about their next step - new album ‘Wild World’ - and, as ever, they’re both much more keen on thinking about what comes next.

“We’ve never wanted to succumb to sitting around, patting each other on the back because, well, what’s the fucking point?” he continues. “There’s always a million other interesting things to think about! I think we’ve been so obsessive over the new record, and looking forward, that we haven’t really had time to think back.”

Bastille: It's a wild world Bastille: It's a wild world Bastille: It's a wild world Bastille: It's a wild world Bastille: It's a wild world

As featured in the March 2016 issue of DIY, out now.

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