FIDLAR reflect on the beautiful chaos of their 2015

Hot off the heels of their unbelievably brilliant ‘Too’, Zac Carper takes a look back at the year that proved FIDLAR are here to stay.

Few have had a year quite like FIDLAR. Once the preserve of party animals and riot starters, their imaginatively titled second record ‘Too’ marked the Cali punks out as something more - a fuzzed out group with both a head and heart.

So much more than a rehab record, ‘Too’ exorcised some of Zac Carper’s deepest held demons, while keeping things upbeat and unifying enough to smash the Reading main stage to pieces. They might have taken a step back from self-producing their tales of blown-out misdemeanours, but nostalgia be damned. 2015 proved FIDLAR have a thousand times more to say than the “wake, bake, skate” crew could ever dream of, and in doing so proved they’re a band with lasting power beyond any of their wasted contemporaries.

“If you wanna try it, just fucking try it,” implored Zac Carper in a chat with DIY earlier this year. As we approach the year’s end, we thought it was high time we caught up with him, to see just how that newfound attitude’s worked out. (Spoiler: pretty bloody well.)

“It was kind of weird seeing Babymetal play. I thought I was in some weird twilight zone.”

— Zac Carper

What’s been the highlight of FIDLAR’s 2015?

This last UK tour has definitely been the craziest experience. The amount of people at the shows has tripled and the shows were absolutely mental. At Manchester, I thought the foundation was gonna break. I felt the whole place moving. The UK has always been our craziest crowds.

How was it playing the Reading and Leeds main stage this year? Any mad festival moments?

It was pretty unreal. It’s kind of crazy playing to that many people. Not much mad festival moments but it was kind of weird seeing Babymetal play. I thought I was in some weird twilight zone.

‘Too’’s been out for a few months now - how’s the reaction been?

I think it’s been good? I’m not sure really. The shows are a lot bigger so that’s a good sign, right? Every time we play a show, I always notice that everyone is smiling and having a great time. I love that our show is a place where kids can go have fun.

What are the plans looking forward to 2016?

Hopefully writing the new record. Festival tour. More touring. Maybe some collabs. I’m really into the collab thing right now.

If you could pick one band that deserve to be totally MASSIVE this time next year, who would you pick?

I’d probably pick Bully, because they are working their ass off and I think it’s time for a band with a bad ass frontwoman to be the next huge thing.

FIDLAR are part of The DIY List 2015, picking out the best-of-the-best of the past twelve months. Catch up with all that here.

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