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We’ve also got a handy Spotify playlist where you can find all the Neu tracks we’ve been loving, so you can listen to all our hot tips in one place.

King Isis - MONKI

An unapologetic rejection of all boundaries, narratives, and ideologies placed upon them, ‘MONKI’ is King Isis’ defiant reclamation of self-expression. Taken from the Oakland-born artist’s upcoming EP ‘shed’ (arriving on 21st March via Dirty Hit), it reasserts their shift to a much darker, grungier sonic for the sophomore body of work. Between metallic guitars and crunching percussion, subtly eerie vocal runs create an almost ominous atmosphere – but make no mistake, the track is a strikingly positive sign of things yet to unfold. (Emily Savage)

Been Stellar - Passing Judgement

Where Been Stellar’s early tracks rooted them firmly in the lineage of classic New York indie bands, picking up Julian Casablancas and co’s baton and sounding like The Strokes reincarnate, ‘Passing Judgement’ - the first track from forthcoming debut ‘Scream From New York, NY’ - is a denser, more claustrophobic thing. There’s a hint of the Fontaines DCs to the urgent guitars that back vocalist Sam Slocum’s fraught delivery, or perhaps The Walkmen’s ‘The Rat’ fed through a heavy, grungy filter. ‘Scream…’ seems as though it could be a suitably more aggressive listen from the newly Dirty Hit-signed outfit. (Lisa Wright)

Kaeto - Don't Ask

Fusing together elements of trip-hop, dance, electronic music and alt-pop with a nostalgic '90s feel, ‘Don’t Ask’ is the third single from Scottish-born, London-based Kaeto since signing to Polydor last summer. The track oozes with confidence as her captivating vocals weave over skittering synths and a funky drum pattern, while lyrically she explores her relationship with herself and an all-too-relatable internal struggle with self-love. (Gemma Cockrell)

Ellie Bleach - That'll Show 'Em

Putting Ellie Bleach’s storytelling prowess on full display, the hauntingly beautiful piano melody of ‘That’ll Show ‘Em’ is here to leave listeners spellbound. A theatrical piece, Ellie weaves a tale that strikes a fine balance between wit and melancholy, evoking feelings that truly run the emotional gamut. Here, the narrative is what makes it shine, so gripping that it feels as if it was tailor-made for grand stages with draped curtains, or a glass of red wine on a cold evening. (Katie Macbeth)

Lip Critic - Milky Max

Taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Hex Dealer’, Lip Critic’s latest single ‘Milky Max’ packs a punch. Following previous cuts ‘It’s The Magic’ and ‘The Heart’, the Brooklyn band’s new track combines electronic music with hardcore, resulting in a pulsating and groovy listen. Not only is the music experimental, but the track was also released alongside a video game that fans can play along with via its visualiser. Here, Lip Critic are taking what it means to be a musician in 2024 and pushing all boundaries. (Gemma Cockrell)

Nightbus - Average Boy

Nightbus exhibit their brooding, eerie sound once again on ‘Average Boy’, a strong guitar driven track that arrived paired with a cinematic video. Blending poetry and music with insightful, spoken-word verses, the band play into the beauty of simplicity; there are parallels to be drawn to the likes of Daughter, where a commitment to not over-crowing allows arrangements to truly thrive. Given that it's been met with fans begging for an LP in the YouTube comments, it's safe to say that Nightbus have succeeded in making a musical mark. (Amrit Virdi)

Bored At My Grandmas House - Show & Tell

Following her 2023 single ‘Inhibitions’, Bored At My Grandmas House has returned with follow-up ‘Show & Tell’, alongside the news that her upcoming album of the same name will be released on 7th June. The track combines dream-pop, bedroom-pop and shoegaze in a way which is reminiscent of artists like Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail and Alvvays, with lyrics that speak of shutting people out due to a fear of being vulnerable. Its ultimate realisation? That vulnerability is actually something to be embraced. (Gemma Cockrell)

Maruja - The Invisible Man

Already a fan-favourite during their ferocious live performances, Maruja’s latest single ‘Invisible Man’ once more showcases the four-piece’s unique ability to blend jazz, post-punk, and hardcore elements into a single track. Marking the Manchester band's first music since their October single ‘One Hand Behind The Devil’, ‘Invisible Man’ begins with a slow build-up, led by a captivating sax melody that gradually intensifies, before exploding into a powerful and energetic climax that will leave listeners breathless but begging for more. (Katie Macbeth)

Vanity Fairy - Top of the Pops

Following Vanity Fairy’s dreamy, psychedelic single ‘Jungle Jim’ last month, her latest cut ‘Top of The Pops’ takes on a more upbeat sound. This slice of camp, optimistic disco-pop is driven by dazzling '80s synths, drenched in bucket-loads of nostalgia, and tinged with glimmers of futurism shining through the vocals. The result is one of Vanity Fairy’s strongest releases to date; this is a track that really does deserve to be Top of The Pops. (Gemma Cockrell)

YAZ - Love Is Art

YAZ’s third single ‘Love Is Art’ is a reflective, pensive tune, leaning into the band’s deeper philosophical tendencies. Based in London but formed from different corners of the world, they draw on their multicultural roots to uniquely fuse indie-pop and rock. With a sense of positivity that always seems to be front and centre of their output, the track succeeds in being melancholic and thoughtful while maintaining an uplifting and elevating spirit - an ethos bound to put a smile on your face. (Gemma Cockrell)

Sarah Julia - Mount Fuji

Released alongside the announcement of their debut EP ‘How Do We Go Back To Being Normal?’, ‘Mount Fuji’ is Sarah Julia’s ambient latest addition to their discography. Transporting you back to Autumn with its acoustic sound and natural imagery, the emotive track stuns with longing, haunting harmonies. Opening with an acoustic guitar and gradually introducing strings, the simple yet effective instrumentation makes it an ideal addition to any rainy day playlist. (Amrit Virdi)

C Turtle - Melvin Said This

The last single ahead of forthcoming album ‘Expensive Thrills’, C Turtle’s latest track ‘Melvin Said This’ is an unapologetically noisy blend of alternative rock. With wildly boisterous guitars and a fiery lead synth line, the track oozes energy in a manner reminiscent of the 1980s grunge rock scene. The London 4-piece - fronted by Cole Flynn Quirke - create a sense of breathlessness here that will guarantee a chaotic live show, and the single proves that the band are more than capable of portraying a more carefree and exciting side of their sound. (Kyle Roczniak)

gglum - Eating Rust

The newest single from her upcoming debut album 'The Garden Dream', gglum's 'Eating Rust' sees her delicately express the uncertainty of yearning for the attention of an ex. Tying in ghostly elements of folk-pop instrumentation on top of the confessional lyrics, she brings to life a series of hazy and intimate memories - something which is only bolstered by the track's must-watch video, which was filmed on Photobooth in true bedroom-pop fashion. (Millie Tempo)

Ugly - Shepherd's Carol

'Shepherd's Carol' - the latest from London via Cambridge six piece Ugly - is a song that deftly showcases the collaborative influences of the band in their new chapter. As clear riffs guide us through the track, its subtle ebb and flow slowly becomes more prominent, after which we're hit with tempo changes, shiny synth lines, and jovial choral harmonies. When every component has come together, it's hard to ignore the insane amount of feel good energy this track radiates - by the end, you won't know if you want to smile or cry. (Millie Tempo)

Dura Mater - Umbrella Tree 

The debut single from Nottingham-based eight piece (!) Dura Mater, 'Umbrella Tree' serves as a fitting introduction to the collective's varying musical sensibilities. Reconciling some members' classical training with the rough-edged, DIY ethos of South London's fertile scene, the track's dense layers unfurl to reveal brooding brass touches and almost choral-like BVs, injecting a surprising tenderness to its angular, sprechgesang core. Having already tucked slots supporting Geese, Folly Group, and Sundara Karma under their belts, it's an aptly cerebral first move from the neurologically-named outfit. (Daisy Carter)

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