Album Review SG Lewis - AudioLust & HigherLove

He dances on, just this time with a different outlook.

SG Lewis - AudioLust & HigherLove

Getting drunk on the heady rush of disco and the thrill of adrenaline that comes with a particularly reckless night – these were the main agendas of SG Lewis2021 debut album, ‘times’. On his follow-up, ‘AudioLust & HigherLove’, there’s still some of that energy that pulses with the ecstasy of catching eyes with someone from across a dark club. However this time he doesn’t just provide the soundtrack to the high-energy, hedonistic night, but also everything that comes afterwards – the day spent nursing a headache, the continued love affair, each high and low along the way. ‘Holding On’ is no doubt one of his best tracks yet; the falsettos and sparkling synth are amplified by a guitar solo that rips impressively through it. It’s a high-tension moment, but ‘AudioLust & HigherLove’ offers release, too – ‘Another Life’ is a stratospheric escapade through shuffling beats and ethereal strings. ‘Lifetime’ remains one of the album’s strongest pursuits; lovestruck and introspective, each beat keenly felt. The album revels in this on a whole; a lovelorn sheen which dances between interludes. It’s less dancefloor filler, more earnest confessions and professions of absolute adoration. That’s not to say the party has swung to a close, though. He dances on, just this time with a different outlook that casts a rose-tinted glow over the entirety of ‘AudioLust & HigherLove’.


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