Album Review: Gabriella Cohen - Full Closure and No Details

Gabriella Cohen - Full Closure and No Details

Fuzzy tales of dissatisfaction, young love and boredom.


Gabriella Cohen is a Melbourne-born former frontwoman of The Furrs whose solo debut just might find itself in the right place at the right time. At times, ‘Full Closure And No Details’ delights with its fuzzy tales of dissatisfaction, young love and boredom.

Cohen’s sense of personality is the main draw here – she asks “do you get high on a Saturday night?” on the addictive fuzz-pop single ‘I Don’t Feel So Alive’ and recalls a failed relationship on the album’s emotive centrepiece ‘Downtown’. At times Cohen’s lyrics have real accessible qualities that can resonate with any type of listener.

Another highlight is opener ‘Beaches’ – a grunge-tinted slow-burner rife with moody instrumentation and off-beat lyrics. Sadly, there’s not quite enough depth to ‘Full Closure And No Details’ to suggest Cohen is destined for more widespread acclaim. The likes of ‘Sever The Walls’, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘This Could Be Love’ follow similar patterns and the lack of variety becomes a little mundane upon repeat listens.

This one-sided approach ultimately holds Cohen’s debut back from genuine greatness. There are some well executed ideas here, and talent in spades, but ‘Full Closure And No Details’ feels like a display of raw potential rather than the finished article. There’s a lot to like on Cohen’s debut, and plenty to suggest a follow-up could soar to far greater heights, but not enough to suggest a commercial breakthrough could be on the cards.

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