Interview: Back to the drawing board: Metz

Back to the drawing board: Metz

Besides drumming in Metz, Hayden Menzies is also a dab hand with a pen and paper. So, obviously, we asked him about new album ‘Strange Peace’ via the medium of drawing.

Toronto’s finest, Metz, released their third album ‘Strange Peace’ today, and it sees them more intense, more melodic, more brutal, and more confident than ever. They’re a multi-talented bunch, too, and drummer Hayden Menzies is also a dab hand at illustration. Putting his Fine Art degree from Montreal’s Concordia University to good use, Hayden’s the driving force behind a load of his bands’ 7” single covers, gig posters, and t-shirts. A cross between the counter culture Philly comic book king Robert Crumb, skate culture influenced Travis Millard, and surrealist stoner scribbles, 

With this in mind, we decided to quiz Hayden about Metz’s ace new record, but with a catch. He was only allowed to answer our questions with drawings. We think you’ll agree he took on the challenge, and smashed it…

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Can you draw us a ‘Mess of Wires’?

You recorded ‘Strange Peace’ in Chicago with all-round legend Steve Albini - what did the studio look like?

If ‘Strange Peace’ was a kind of magical creature, what would it look like?

What’s at the bottom of the ‘Drained Lake’?

And what’s your favourite thing in the world?

Metz’s new album ‘Strange Peace’ is out now.

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