Watch Suzi Wu airs video for ‘Highway’

Suzi Wu airs video for ‘Highway’

The track features on new EP ‘Error 404’, out today.

With EP ‘Error 404’ released today, Suzi Wu has shared a video for one of its tracks, ‘Highway’.

“I wrote this EP in a time of transition from my previous releases to something more electronic,” Suzi explains. “I was writing poetically about things that are artificial. Trying to write romantically about the blue glow playing across my bedroom and big open luminous- grey spaces like the M25, where I spent a lot of my childhood in between the departure and the destination.

The video for Highway is just me and my mates having a good time in a warehouse, which is sort of reminiscent of squat raves for me. I’m in tiny little Mercedes Benz because although, like everyone else I love the idea of having money, I’m a little bored of clout culture and everyone flexing. I’d prefer to drop a few grand on a pinball machine compared to a diamond necklace. It’s just more fun.”

Suzi plays London’s Moth Club on 27th March.

Watch ‘Highway’ below.

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