Have You Heard? Cambio Sun - Weight of the World

Cambio Sun - Weight of the World

Charlie Tait’s proving himself to be a producer that forces himself into brilliantly uncomfortable surroundings.

Charlie Tait is a Sydney-raised, Dalston-residing producer that initially broke out with the sweeping, bubbling up debut track ‘Intuition’. His first effort has its head in the sand - a beach comber, road tripping aesthetic leads it, but it’s tied together with inventive loops that clear out cobwebs in the conscience.

Tait might have been expected to follow that up with a similarly light, easy-on-the-ear production. He’s done the opposite. ‘Weight of the World’ lives somewhere between the grizzly aesthetic of Forest Swords and an industrial force of Fuck Buttons. That’s the initial burst. Soon enough it slithers into a more sparse arrangement, coming off like a vital extension from Ben Khan et al.’s blog pop stampede. But there’s darkness within the piece, cuss words swept under the carpet by a wall of synth. A subtle, instrumental chorus sits in there somewhere too. Throughout, whether he’s making testing or soothing music, Tait’s proving himself to be a producer that forces himself - and any willing listeners - into brilliantly uncomfortable surroundings.


'Weight of the World' is taken from a forthcoming 6-track EP, details TBA.

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