Premiere: Bosco Rogers pen earworm ode to pets, ‘The Middle’

New UK duo make slightly seedy, whistle-heavy pop with a sun-kissed twist.

Bosco Rogers are an elaborately-dressed, funk lick-favouring duo from the South Coast. Barthélémy Corbelet and Delphinius Vargas formed the project back in 2011 and they’re edging towards the release of their debut EP, ‘Googoo’.

First on the agenda is ‘The Middle’, the most wriggly earworm of all, capable of relapsing the average person’s memory entirely - remember those catchy songs you grew up with? The new Taylor Swift album? Forget it - only one song exists now, and it’s all about how great pets are.

Recorded two summers back, the track began with whistles (the likes of which define the final recording). “It felt so good and the melody was so obvious,” they explain to DIY. Think early Jagwar Ma, maybe even a cheeky slab of shameless Iggy Pop tribute. This is effortlessly gorgeous, sun-kissed pop that sticks its middle finger up to the changing of the clocks.

We’ve got the first play of ‘The Middle’, below.

‘Googoo’ is out 1st December 2014.

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3 back issues for £7

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