Have you heard? Loyle Carner - Damselfly ((ft.Tom Misch)

Loyle’s latest with pal Tom Misch is breezy, but hides sincere vulnerability.

In the past, Loyle Carner has teamed up with buddy Tom Misch to produce ‘Crazy Dream’ and ‘Nightgowns’, lilting summer jams that featured some of his most up-tempo beats to date. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that Loyle has invited Tom to appear on his upcoming debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone,’ and all.

‘Damselfly’ isn’t a million miles away from their previous collaborations, featuring sharp but sparse beats, and just a little sprinkling of brass and jazzy guitar melodies. It’s breezy, but Tom’s melodies just serve to enhance the impact of Loyle’s earnest lyrics. He continues to forgo usual rap clichés in order to present a more vulnerable side, even explaining in the first line that “it’s been a minute since I’ve been with some women/ Not ‘cause they been lacking, just I’ve been lacking the feeling.” Once again, Loyle and Tom have proved they’re a match made in heaven.

Loyle Carner's debut album 'Yesterday's Gone' is out on 20th January.


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