Tropic like it’s not: pineapples ‘banned’ from Reading & Leeds

Tropic like it’s not: pineapples ‘banned’ from Reading & Leeds

…and it’s all Glass Animals’ fault, apparently.

Along with the usuals, like drones, fireworks and gas canisters, there’s an additional item on the banned list for this year’s Reading & Leeds. Pineapples.

It is, we’re led to believe, the fault of Glass Animals, who thanks to the lyrics for song ‘Pork Soda’, have drawn many an Ananas comosus to festival fields.

Sadly it’s not in homage to Calvin Harris’ 2009 X Factor turn.

A spokesperson for Reading & Leeds told the BBC: "Organisers were a little concerned about hundreds of pineapples turning up on site so decided to ask fans not to bring them along."

He added: "The tongue may be slightly in cheek on this one."

"Anyone who wasn't bringing a pineapple definitely is now," added drummer Joe Seaward.
"It's fruitist. Watermelons are fine, but not pineapples?"

They want to be careful: both Glass and Animals are both also banned from both the festival’s arena and camp site.

Reading & Leeds takes place in Richfield Avenue and Bramham Park respectively between 25th and 27th August.

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