Album Review Vessels - The Great Distraction

Vessels - The Great Distraction

They finally feel at home, and it’s glorious to watch.


Vessels’ career progression has been a hard one to track. Starting out as an expansive post-rock outfit, the Leeds five-piece drastically embraced propulsive techno on third album ‘Dilate’, becoming an entirely different beast. ‘The Great Distraction’ continues on this path, with some highly unexpected guests along for the ride. The Flaming Lips feature on the psych-flecked ‘Deflect The Light’, while John Grant’s booming vocals are twisted and distorted into a hurricane on closer ‘Erase The Tapes’. Breaking out of their box with help from some of the indie world’s most recognisable vocalists, Vessels finally feel at home on ‘The Great Distraction’, and it’s glorious to watch.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Nadine Shah

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