Album Review Sofi Tukker - Treehouse

A gorgeous mess of a record.

Sofi Tukker - Treehouse

If anything’s clear across ‘Treehouse’, it’s that Sofi Tukker don’t do things by halves. Launching themselves in with opener ‘Fuck They’, it’s a gorgeous mess of a record that revels in the absurd. ‘Batshit’ is exactly that, Tukker Halpern channeling Right Said Fred with copious amounts of sass heaped on top. ‘Energia’, meanwhile, feels like stumbling into an unfamiliar club at the peak of a night out and throwing yourself right on in. ‘Johny’ shows the duo’s versatility, opting for a slower, slinkier approach, but it’s the thudding bass and untameable energy that gives ‘Treehouse’ its life. ‘Baby I’m A Queen’ is a full-on EDM thrash, and sounds all the better for its lack of pretence, while ‘Best Friend’ is a suitably outlandish finale. If one thing’s clear across ‘Treehouse’, it’s that Sofi Tukker are having more fun than you. It’s time to join in.


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