Have You Heard? BODEGA - Jack In Titanic

BODEGA - Jack In Titanic

As sarcastic as it is catchy, and brilliantly fun to boot.

NYC newcomers BODEGA had us in a bit of a tizz when they released debut track ‘How Did This Happen?!’ earlier this year, to be honest. Sardonic, straight to the point, brilliantly catchy post-punk, it was an extremely promising early sign from the newcomers.

It’s been followed by the equally exciting ‘Can’t Knock The Hustle’ and news of a debut album, out next month via What’s Your Rupture?, and the band have now shared their third track. The track’s called ‘Jack In Titanic’, and it’s as wonderfully off-the-wall as its name might suggest.

“No-one is as salty as the seven seas, except me…and Jack in Titanic,” Ben Hozie begins, before laying out all manner of personal characteristics that only our sweet baby mid-90s Leo could compete with.

As sarcastic as it is catchy, and brilliantly fun to boot, BODEGA are continuing to excel on ‘Jack In Titanic’. We’d find room for them on that door in the freezing North Atlantic Ocean, no problem.

BODEGA's debut album 'Endless Scroll' is out 1st June via What’s Your Rupture?

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