Listen Tracks: Bring Me The Horizon ft Yungblud, FINNEAS, Touché Amoré and more

The biggest and best tracks of the week.

It’s finally the end of the week, and we have a brand spanking new edition of Tracks - our weekly round-up of the biggest and best new tracks around.

There’s that massive collab between Bring Me The Horizon and fellow South Yorkshire lad Yungblud, a new number from FINNEAS, more new music from LA noiseniks Touché Amoré and much more.

For what we have to say on this week’s biggest and most exciting tracks, scroll on! And if you’re itching to check out even more, subscribe to our Essential New Tracks playlist.

Bring Me The Horizon ft. Yungblud - Obey

Across the latter part of Bring Me The Horizon’s discography, they’ve deftly weaved through the realms of stadium-sized drops and tremendous beats so it’s little surprise that their latest cut is another behemoth which arrives dripping with thundering electronics. Teaming up with rock’s new hope Yungblud, ‘Obey’ is a dark riot of a track that explores the oppression of society; packing in poppy hooks and gnarly screaming in almost equal measure. A festival-ready anthem if ever there was one, this one will sound gigantic by the time that big stages open back up. (Sarah Jamieson)

FINNEAS - What They’ll Say About Us

Sans-Billie and back with a new solo track, FINNEAS has shared the poignant new piano-lead ‘What They’ll Say About Us’. A delicate ode to human strength when faced with hardship, the song was inspired by FINNEAS’ sense of hope following attending a protest in Downtown LA, resulting in a rousing ballad dedicated to those who have had to endure this omnishambles of a year. A moving new’un, it’s hard not to get a sense of comfort when listening to it, though it doesn’t hit quite as hard as his recent release ‘my future’ with Billie earlier this year… (Elly Watson)

Touché Amoré - I’ll Be Your Host

Throughout their career to date, Touché Amoré’s vocalist Jeremy Bolm has always laid himself on the line within his lyrics. It’s on ‘I’ll Be Your Host’, their newest cut from fifth album ‘Lament’, that he again manages to explore his feelings in a truly raw and open manner. Delving into the difficulty he’s faced processing his own grief after the passing of his mother - made only starker by fans looking to him for advice on that very subject - it’s a frank track that sees him grappling with the unique responsibility that’s been presented to him. “I’m a shell of my former self,” he admits, “can’t you tell?” Much like many of their offerings so far, it cuts deep. (Sarah Jamieson)

Foxes - Friends in the Corner

After a three year hiatus, Foxes has returned with a brand new bop, in the shape of ‘Friends In The Corner’. A banger all about people’s hidden struggles with mental health, Foxes packages her poignant lyrics with a sleek pop backing, full of anthemic climaxes and a rousing chorus perfect for yelling out at full volume. Pulling a Robyn and excellently marrying melancholic subject matter with dance along pop beats, we couldn’t be happier that Foxes is back. (Elly Watson)

Arab Strap - The Turning Of Our Bones

According to their cinematic re-introduction, the cult Scottish duo are “back from the grave and ready to rave.” Likely the first single from the pair’s first album in 15 years (as revealed by Malcolm Middleton last summer) ‘The Turning Of Our Bones’ is a creeping slow-build, pairing a pulsating disco beat with Aidan Moffat’s exaggerated diction and a deliciously dark sense of foreboding, all topped off with suitably gory tales of the flesh. (Emma Swann)

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