Listen Uma and Lucy Lu team up for ‘Bring Me The Mountain’

Uma and Lucy Lu team up for 'Bring Me The Mountain'

Listen to the latest from the Barcelona-based Slow Dance signee.

Linking up with Lucy Lu for her latest sizzler, Slow Dance signee Uma is sharing her brand new track ‘Bring Me The Mountain’.

Meeting up when Lucy Lu - aka Luke Bower - went over to Spain, Uma shares, “It was the first time in years we had the time and space to write together. Learning to share a creative space has been a real lesson in loving someone, being honest and having a sense of humour.”

“There’s definitely an exploration of acoustic and electronic sounds,” she continues about the track, “I think that is a result of the balance of Luke’s style and my own. The track is about being seen when you are in pain and vulnerable. It’s about the people who help you out of that and the people who stand by and watch.”

“Uma brings a sense of clarity to the writing process along with a playfulness. Because of the relationship we have, I can talk about subjects I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone else,” adds Luke. “Working together, the music develops in a natural yet unpredictable way.”

Listen to the track now below.

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