News Dodie announces debut album ‘Build A Problem’

dodie announces debut album ‘Build A Problem’
Photo: Parri Thomas

It’s released in March.

Lowercase-loving singer-songwriter dodie has announced details of her debut album.

The singer’s first full-length is titled ‘Build A Problem’ and will be released on 5th March.

She’s also shared lead single ‘Cool Girl’ from it.

“I think I was going through a crisis actually,” she says of writing the record. “I was very unsure of who I was and I was trying to figure it out in music. So I think it’s quite unstable of an album - but it’s definitely honest.”

The track listing is:

1. Air So Sweet
2. Hate Myself
3. I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You)
4. Cool Girl
5. Special Girl
6. Rainbow
7. ?
8. Four Tequilas Down
9. .
10. Sorry
11. When
12. Before The Line
13. Guiltless (Bonus Track)
14. Boys Like You (Bonus Track)

Listen to ‘Cool Girl’ below.

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