EP Review Master Peace - Love Bites

Master Peace definitely passes the vibe check.

Master Peace - Love Bites

As the weather gets colder and the nights darker, we all need some good vibes to cling on to, and Master Peace’s debut EP ‘Love Bites’ is full-to-the-brim of ‘em. Radiating charm with his sunshine-soaked indie melodies and irresistible pop hooks, although he’s only been in the game a short while, this EP shows just what a promising artist he is. ‘Eyes On You’ opens with luscious guitar sounds and a sing-a-long ready chorus, while ‘PNE’ and the funk-leaning ‘Regular Feelings’ are classic indie tunes ready for festivals (whenever they’ll return). ‘Ruelia’ is a delicate instrumental soundtracking a loving phone conversation that provides an interesting moment of pause in the upbeat record, while ‘Never Wanna Be’ follows as a slow and stunning ode to falling in love. With ‘Love Bites’, Master Peace definitely passes the vibe check.


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