Watch Glass Animals share ‘Tangerine’ video

Take a wonderfully weird car journey with Dave Bayley now!

Following the release of their fab album ‘Dreamland’ back in August, Glass Animals are now sharing the bizarrely brilliant video for album gem ‘Tangerine’.

The song is about seeing someone get lost in the unimportant things in the world…to the point where they lose what made them unique and incredible,” the band’s Dave Bayley explains. “We’re all born naive and curious and playful and open and vulnerable…and over time those parts of us can get stifled…sometimes too much…to the point where all that child-like joy and curiosity is gone except for a tiny little glint of it that appears all too rarely, like a ghost in the eyes.

“I have to thank director David Wilson hugely for this one - we talked about that theme and he came up with the beautiful, cyclical narrative for this video. I fell in love with it when he told me the idea, but I was petrified of having to act. I have always hated the idea of doing any sort of ‘acting’…however small or subtle the role. But he was so sure I could do it. and I have to say I had a lot of fun trying.”

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