Watch Pearl Charles reveals new bop ‘Only For Tonight’

Photo: Sarah Eiseman

Her new album ‘Magic Mirror’ arrives on Friday!

With her hotly-anticipated new album ‘Magic Mirror’ set to wow when it arrives on Friday (15th January), Pearl Charles is giving us our latest teaser of what to expect, sharing brand new glitzy bop ‘Only For Tonight’.

“‘Only for Tonight’ tells the story of a currently bygone era of wild nights out on the town - the highs and lows of one night stands and the crashes of the morning after,” she explains. “The music video, directed by Bobbi Rich, leans into those excesses, paying a sparkly homage to the late-night musical television shows of the 70’s, from Soul Train to The Midnight Special, as well as the gauzy, Vaseline’d lens of ABBA’s music videos. With an added sprinkling of VHS special effects, you’re likely to feel like you’re watching a home-taped recording of a lost episode of Top of the Pops.”

An exciting glimpse at what her forthcoming record has in store, check it out now below!


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