Album Review Benny Sings - Music

Clean listening at its finest.

Benny Sings - Music

As the somewhat blase title of Benny Sings’ 8th LP suggests, this ten-song collection is very much business as usual. Smooth cuts of slow jams indebted to R&B, neo soul and synth pop shimmer in the light of Benny’s slick production and knack for melody. One of the most satisfying elements of Benny’s sound is its restraint, layers are minimal with every instrument earning its spot leaving zero clutter - ‘Music’ is clean listening at its finest. The formula works well but that doesn’t mean the LP is lacking in surprises. Strings flourish beautifully in the closing bars of ‘Sunny Afternoon’, multiple vocals flicker playfully in and out across the piano-led strut of ‘Lost Again’ and a glorious sax solo bursts through the mid-section of ‘Run Right Back’. The varied guest spots bring different dimensions to the world of ‘Music’ - a pitch-shifted Mac DeMarco graces highlight ‘Rolled Up’ while rapper/singer KYLE offers up a blissful vocal on the sweet ‘Kids’. While the phrase ‘business as usual’ can often carry a negative sentiment, in Benny’s case it’s a wonderful thing.


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