EP Review The Lounge Society - Silk For The Starving

As ambitious as it is effervescently youthful.

The Lounge Society - Silk For The Starving

The latest in a succession of acclaimed acts to emerge from Yorkshire’s fertile valleys, The Lounge Society cannily utilise the limited time-frame of an EP to showcase the full breadth of their guitar-smashing trickery. ‘Burn the Heather’ takes on an Orielles-esque disco-rock, but fires it with a frenetic punk psychosis. The labyrinthine warp and weft of ‘Television’, inspired by the group of the same name, stops and stutters with blustering swagger, while ‘Cain’s Heresy’ offers a true rock behemoth, chuntering at breakneck tempo before unleashing a transcendent psychedelic climax. As closer ‘Valley Bottom Fever’ burns through the last dregs of their adolescent chutzpah, The Lounge Society round off an EP of coruscating agit-punk that shoves two tobacco-stained fingers up the prideful nostrils of a corrupt elite. Vocalist Cameron Davey’s lyrical venom on ‘Silk For The Starving’ is also worthy of note: brutal anti-establishment cynicism (“Genocide makes for good TV”) roars across a record as ambitious as it is effervescently youthful, letting us know that for The Lounge Society at least, the world is their oyster.


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