News Poppy talks new app Poppy.Sphere

The ‘Flux’ star revealed details of her new app in the September edition of our DIY In Deep digital cover.

After rumours of a new app have been circulating around Poppy fan chats for some time, the singer has told us that Poppy.Sphere is officially ready to become your new go-to.

Speaking to DIY as part of our new digital cover feature - DIY In Deep - Poppy has given us a few details of what to expect.

“Nowadays I don’t look at social media because it’s just not what I would like to have on the brain, so instead I’ve been developing for the past year and a half a game that is an app that will allow me direct communication with my fans. That’s what’s most valuable to me and what I’ve always wanted,” she said. “That way I don’t need to deal with any of the other applications because I have my own.”

Set to arrive in the near future, the new venture will be “entirely different, and way more multifaceted” compared to the previous online world of Poppy.Church.

“There are possibilities for changes to infinity and beyond,” she explained. “It’s going to be free to sign up, and then you have the ability to customise yourself, your room, everything is customisable. So that’s quite exciting.”

Read more in the September 2021 edition of DIY In Deep now.


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