Review Cassyette - Sad Girl

Her brand of punked-up pop is an addictive listen.

Cassyette - Sad Girl

Rounding off what has been quite the year for Cassyette - a stint opening for My Chemical Romance, a slew of huge support slots and a summer of festivals chief among her achievements - debut mixtape ‘Sad Girl’ arrives as a bit of a story-so-far for the Essex singer. Built around her cathartic ‘fuck you’ earworm ‘Sad Girl Summer’ which landed earlier this year, the nine-track release shows off her knack for seamlessly blending together styles and sonics to create a mix-and-match release that’s more about attitude than sticking to genre confines. Darting from the grungy swagger of ‘Mayhem’ through to the scorched metal of the minute-long ‘Die Hate Cry’, and back via the huge anthemic chorus of ‘September Rain’, her brand of punked-up pop is an addictive listen.


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