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Sprints - Up and Comer

When Sprints kick in, they kick in - and on ‘Up and Comer’, the chorus howl is sky-high. Karla Chubb’s hypnotic, addictive, fearsome vocal performance is enough to wrap the most stubborn cynic in the world around her finger, conducting masterfully and providing a track for the fast-accelerating instrumental to course along. The symbiosis between her vocal and the spiky, dynamic instrumental pushes ‘Up and Comer”s energy to a fever pitch, each one punctuating the other with rapid-fire ferociousness. Sprints continue to build on the energy and pace they’ve generated so far with serious velocity. (Ims Taylor)

UNIVERSITY - Notre Dame Made Out Of Flesh

Imagine, if you will, the title of Crewe crew UNIVERSITY’s debut single for Transgressive made manifest. A hulking great gothic beast of blood and skin; visceral, sort of terrifying, but strangely magnetic. In its own way, it works with the track rather well. Nestled in the slipstream between punk, hardcore and math rock, with such howled lyrical missives as “I don’t wanna be my dad, or anyone else from the past”, it sounds like a band trying to pummel their way out of a cage, or the flesh cathedral of a body they’ve managed to find themselves in. (Lisa Wright)

Flyana Boss (with Missy Elliott & Kaliii) - You Wish

A track that’s perhaps slightly stretching the remits of Neu, but no matter - Flyana Boss’ remix of viral hit ‘You Wish’ (featuring Missy Elliot and Kaliii), no less) is too good to omit. A bouncy beat punctuated by what could be a squeaky pet toy forms the foundation for seamless, strutting bars (“You can call me Marvin Gaye / Cos you know what’s going on”). It’s a little bit extra, bags of fun, and exactly what you’d want in your ears when making a dramatic exit. (Daisy Carter)

May Payne - Sane

Manchester-based singer-songwriter May Payne is realising some things - in very coming-of-age fashion, her oeuvre so far comprises of admissions that feel, through her soulful delivery and cinematic, expansive sonics, as if they’re all her saying them out loud for the first time. Though previous cuts have tackled difficult subjects like sexual assault or exploitative relationships, and been fittingly emotionally wrought to listen to, here, May toys with the idea of being cautiously optimistic. Blossoming moments of instrumentals crescendo into a chorus that navigates insecurity, before concluding delicately that “you’re all that keeps me sane” - for better or for worse. (Ims Taylor)

Umarells - You’re Not Here

On ‘You’re Not Here’, Umarells establish themselves as a band with plenty of ideas but a distinct lightness of touch. Delicate synths dance around sauntering drums, as woozy harmonies evoke the track artwork’s pastel shades of pinks and blues. Melancholic in a self-indulgent-nostalgia sort of way, it speaks to notions of coming of age and comedowns. As Umarells’ debut single, it’s one which acts as an intriguing introduction to this Manchester quartet. (Daisy Carter)

Terra Twin - Head Leaking

The London band merging Americana with indie, Terra Twin are solidifying their sound on ‘Head Leaking’. With a rockabilly guitar holding the song down, Maxim Baldry does his best hillbilly impression, mixing his London accent with a playful twang for maximum silliness. So refreshingly different from the post-punk domination of the London scene at the moment, this singalong-able track feels tailor-made for a live show, sure to go off at a gig with big choruses and relentless riffs. Refusing to drip for a second into gloom, Terra Twin are staying on the sunny side of grunge, bringing in just a touch of punky darkness without ever letting it take over. Paired with a no-budget-spared, stunning short film-like video, Terra Twin’s commitment to modern nostalgic is admirable. (Lucy Harbron)

Unschooling - Excommunicated

Where the majority of French quintet Unschooling’s material to date has trodden an antsy and succinct path, ‘Excommunicated’ sticks two fingers up to brevity and, instead, takes us on a seven-minute journey across all manner of sonic terrain. From calm beginnings, through choppy shouty waters, into an altogether more ominous finale, it’s a true trip that recalls excellent late-‘00s innovators Women; another band more than worth investigating. (Lisa Wright)

Ellie Bleach - Lakehouse

The fact that Ellie Bleach’s latest offering - the enigmatic ‘Lakehouse’ - immediately conjures up the soft Americana licks of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ really works to heighten the dramatic story that’s unfolding within its lyrics. Built around a wife’s last attempts to save her marriage with a trip to the titular lakehouse, the track is a gorgeous slice of 70s-inspired soft rock that has its corners cast in shadow. (Sarah Jamieson)

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