Round-up Tracks: Spring King, Partybaby & more

DIY writers pick out the biggest and best new songs from the last seven days.

Good noole, dear readers, and a happy Friday to you all. As usual, its been a busy week of new music, and up to their usual antics, artists have been releasing new songs left right and centre. We’ve picked out the biggest and best new songs to emerge this week, and there’s plenty to get stuck into.

Spring King have announced their debut album alongside a go-to summer party banger, Partybaby are growing increasingly impatient waiting around for their sure-fire world domination on ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ and that’s just for starters. In other words, it’s all kicking off. For everything else out this week head over to the DIY Listening Hub, or hit play on our Essential Playlist.

Spring King - ‘The Summer’

Spring King songs, at their best, offer a launchpad to lift off from. They force kids to get off their backsides and form a band. They persuade static crowds to lose their inhibitions, even for a few minutes. But for every rallying cry, there’s a bittersweet edge at play.

‘The Summer’, the lead single from their debut album, initially comes off as a one-dimensional party-starter. Attention-grabbing and designed to be embraced by thousands, it finds Tarek Musa and co. delivering their most direct cut to date. And if it had one sole purpose of sending Spring King skywards, it would work on those merits. But there’s even more at play. Underneath the seasons-changing glee is a sad edge, tales of growing up and losing touch with close friends bubbling up below the surface. Musa sings about “being a part of something bigger than ourselves,” placing a tender narrative in the confines of three outrageously simple minutes. Far from being a standard hellraiser, ‘The Summer’ is also a clever sod. (Jamie Milton)

Partybaby - I Don’t Wanna Wait

“LOUDER. FASTER. MORE FUN. FUCK EVERY1.” Scrawled on a piece of paper in their studio space, Partybaby penned these rules to follow religiously. The LA group only have three tracks to their name, but their beliefs are patently clear. No inhibitions, middle finger raised to the skies, the music they make is relentlessly fun. And if you’re not on board, you’re probably a boring tosser.

‘I DON’T WANNA WAIT’ is their latest straight-for-the-gut punch. “It might be better to roll with it, god damn!” they bark with a vicious snarl. But impatience is a double-edged sword, one they delightfully sport. “I don’t wanna wait!” runs the chant, the sound of a band racing towards their prize.
Try finding another new band as stupidly fun and ridiculously ambitious as Partybaby. Had a look? Couldn’t find anything? Thought as much. (Jamie Milton)

Ardyn - Over The River

On their debut EP ‘Universe’, Ardyn presented themselves as something fragile. Softly shimmering atmospherics clouded the brother-sister duo’s first moves, while early shows saw them reluctant to hit the big cities, keeping things close to home and cards close to chests at every opportunity. ‘Over The River’ changes tact.

It’s a massive breakthrough, Katy Pearson’s formerly tender vocal amped up tenfold, seizing attention from the off. Twinkling piano might kick things off, but it’s soon superceded by a tropicalia that pitches ‘Over The River’ a mile away from Ardyn’s slinky, smoky beginnings.

Few groups introduce themselves with a statement as fully-formed as ‘Universe’. Fewer still are completely unafraid to tear up their own rulebook for round two. Don’t be fooled; there’s nothing timid about Ardyn - they’re as confident as they come. (Tom Connick)

The Hotelier - Soft Animal

With ‘Soft Animal’, the latest taste of The Hotelier’s third album ‘Goodness’, the group find the most fitting of ways to sonically express sudden realisation - delivering a mountainous chorus that’s emotional richness defines finding the one person who makes you feel worthwhile.

“While I lay still in my bed, it’s when I see you there” Christian Holden murmurs as the group burst into life - ‘Soft Animal’ truly becoming universal in its outlook. A brace of uncompromising sentiment and Holden’s despairing anxiety in the loss of feeling whole - “the ring around your mother’s heart, grows separate and falls apart.” The Hotelier have a mighty way of hitting home. (Ross Jones)

Blaenavon - I Will Be The World

For the past couple of years, Blaenavon’s rise has been an easy-does-it, drip-drip process. Without breaking formation, the teens have built on the foundations of their ‘Koso’ EP, shunned hype by finishing their exams, and now it’s time to hit launch.

‘I Will be the World’ is the firmest pointer yet for the trio’s inevitable world domination. Frontman Ben Gregory’s always had a way with words, but his hot-footed verses are a perfect counter to the frenzied musicianship defining this track. Like if Wild Beasts grew fangs and went on the prowl for prey, there’s a venomous streak to ‘I Will be the World’. It spits fire just when it appears to have settled into a groove. In the years since they started out, Blaenavon have turned into a full-bodied force. (Jamie Milton)

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