Glastonbury 2016 Daughter open up about Brexit: “We are very much an EU band”

Ahead of their slot at Glastonbury today, the London-based trio spoke to us about their roots in Europe.

While Glastonbury is traditionally known as a bit of a celebration, there’s no denying that today is still a tough day for many of its attendees. Following the decision for the UK to leave the European Union, DIY sat down with London-based trio Daughter - who boast members from both Switzerland and France - before their set on The Park Stage and address the elephant in the room.

“It feels like there’s a heavy-hearted dark cloud hovering,” the band’s Elena Tonra told us, when they arrived at the festival earlier today. Needless to say, the UK’s decision came as somewhat of a shock to the band, who had voted to remain in the EU.

“If you think about the majority of people where we live, I was so certain that it was gonna be fine, that it was gonna be remain. Then it was like, actually no, that doesn’t sum up the majority of people’s views and that’s really scary because a lot of the arguments for leaving have been really… gross. You start to think, is that England? I just don’t know.

“We are very much an EU band,” she continued. “It was the reason we met.”

The trio, also made up of Swiss-born Igor Haefeli and French drummer Remi Aguilella, actually met through heading to university in the UK, so today’s result has had a profound effect. “I know that if the prices of school had gone up, I would not have been able to come,” explains Remi. “Now, if you had to pay international student fees on top of that, the opportunity would not be there.” As for how things will affect them as a touring band, they’re not quite sure. “It’s gonna be interesting. I guess we’re just gonna have to see what happens over the next couple days, weeks, months…

Daughter play The Park Stage at 6.30pm today.

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