Tweak Bird - Tweak Bird

These guys are pretty out there.

Tweak Bird proudly proclaim that they are like nothing you have ever heard before. Whilst this may be true, they should perhaps be tactfully reminded that originality for the sake of it shouldn’t merit any praise, and in fact come across as pretentious. But let’s not put the cart before the horse, and ask the question of whether their album is actually any good. Let’s do some critical evaluation.

Firstly, it would be wise to point out that the album stretches to only 27 minutes long. It’s difficult to go on a complex musical journey, to have the potential to achieve a masterpiece, in an amount of time that’s shorter than an episode of Masterchef. And credit to Tweak Bird, they try. Guttural and unpolished guitar kicks off most tracks in a deceptively dark style, soothed by the haunting vocals, reminiscent of the childish innocence of folksier artists like Simple Kid. If you’re after complexity of lyrics, look somewhere else, but the aura created is a pleasant one, if not slightly soporific on occasion.

The balance probably works best on ‘Sky Ride’ and ‘Lights in Lines’, but for much of the album they’re simply trying to hard. Needless synth effects ruin ‘Round Trippin”, and a tortuously long saxophone solo in ‘A Sun / Ahh Ahh’ comes across as more eccentric than experimental. Whilst Tweak Bird should be commended for trying to blur the lines of genre, and their intensity makes their live shows a tantalising prospect.

However, the needless pressing of an effects pedal in the name of innovation comes across as lazy and self-indulgent, and in an album so short it just smacks of incoherence. Most songs start in a similar vain of grisly guitar, and in an effort to stave off repetitiveness we are treated to an experience comparable with pissing through the letterbox of the Tardis. Whatever enjoyable moments Tweak Bird offer up just fade into the background, and the album falters out like a damp squib in the second half of ‘Distant Airways’.

There are many elements of a good album in Tweak Bird, but it feels like you’re sifting through a lot of aural bullshit to find it. It will be interesting to see what a second album would bring, and respect should be paid to any musical act that plays more gigs in Slovenia than it does in Britain. These guys are pretty out there. They’re pretty zany. They’re downright wacky. It’s just a pity they know it, enjoy it and and too many people have told them how great that is.

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