Listen: PC Music’s Danny L Harle streams new ‘In My Dreams’ track

PC Music’s Danny L Harle streams new ‘In My Dreams’ track

Sweet, four-to-the-floor single is the latex to emerge from 2014’s go-to label.

Danny L Harle is a little-known but integral part of the PC Music label / community / whatever you want to call it. His new track, ‘In My Dreams’, is streaming now and it hoists him up to the top of the most talked-about pile, showcasing a different side to the likes of Kane West and GFOTY. 

Harle occasionally worked with PC Music founder A. G. Cook on Dux Content, and everything he’s produced so far - including ‘In My Dreams’ - showcases a distinct strand to the bubblegum twist of the label’s staple sound. This new song gets by on a milky, distant vocal that sounds more heartfelt than anything chugged out of the PC membrane. But above anything else, it sports a ridiculously catchy hook that isn’t too far off from Nelly and Kelly’s ‘Dilemma’. 

Listen to Danny L Harle’s ‘In My Dreams’ below or here

Catch up with previous track ‘Broken Flowers’ here

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