DIY it’s Christmas time: Dear Santa… Love Kero Kero Bonito

Dear Santa… Love Kero Kero Bonito

Ahead of the festivities, we’ve asked bands to share their letters to Father Christmas. Here’s Kero Kero Bonito with their hopes for the New Year.

‘Tis well and truly the season of goodwill, dear readers. It’s that time for final tree adjustments, eggnog organisation and of course, the most important job of all. Getting those letters signed, sealed and delivered off to the North Pole should be the thing to take priority right now - how on earth will Santa know that you want a selfie stick otherwise? 

Bands are no exception, and after winding down from a busy year, it’s absolutely critical that they remember to check in with the big guy in the red suit. Before they popped their letter in the postbox, though, we asked some musicians to give us a cheeky glimpse of what they want for Christmas, from future hopes to present wishlists.

Wolf Alice and Superfood have already got in on the letter writing fun. Now, here are multilingual gameboy-blooping sensations Kero Kero Bonito with their letter to Mr Santa Claus. They’ve also made us an exclusive Christmas MIDI-mix, which you can listen to here.

Dear Santa, 

Firstly we would like to thank you for the Casio SA-45 you brought us last Christmas. We’ve used it loads and written lots of songs on it. We’ve been pretty good this year and we promise to make good use of everything you bring us this time.

Given your omniscience, you’ll know that we’re working on our new album. Some proper coffee and a nice percolator would really speed up the process. We’re doing quite well with laptops and £5 keyboards but if you’ve got any spare mixing desks/studio time with Max Martin going, feel free to drop them in our stocking.

We’ll be doing a cool video, but we haven’t got a camera yet – the Canon XF200 looks nice. A director would be much appreciated too (someone as good as Charlotte Rutherford, ideally). In fact, you could just keep it simple and get us a $50000 cheque from Google to cover our expenses. Or a magic wand that renders expenses non-existent! (hahahahahaha)

We’re going on tour, too. Could you get us three worldwide plane tickets? We’re not fussy about economy/first class. If you can’t get hold of those, just get us a plane, learning to fly surely can’t be as hard as rapping in two languages or programming Gus’ DX7.

We’d also like something to play in our downtime; we haven’t got Mario Kart 8 or the new Super Smash Bros so they’re both essential. While we’re at it, bring us a fully operational printing press and 10,000 blank t-shirts so Jamie and Sarah can fulfil their respective part-time jobs writing abstract contemporary prose and running a popular fashion label.

That more or less covers it, but of course you are more than welcome to give us anything extra that you think we’d like. We’ll be looking out for you!

Yours truly,           
Sarah, Gus and Jamie.

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