EP Review: You Blew It! – Pioneer of Nothing

You Blew It! – Pioneer of Nothing

Punk you can’t put a foot wrong to.


Sensitive Orlando rockers You Blew It! are back again and flexing their industrious muscle in the form of three track EP ‘Pioneer of Nothing’, their third release within a year. It uses nearly all of the same ingredients as much of their revered back catalogue, but refines the measures. In fact, it’s no more than a stone’s throw away sonically from much of the contemporary “emo-revival” scene – even if that stone was tossed underarm by a midget – but it doesn’t need to continually reinvent itself to continue to enamour.

Opener ‘Lanai’ grows exponentially larger after every hook, offering a more layered approach to their breed of twinkly indie rock, whilst creating intimacy within the guitar noodles. The resulting experience is a softly led waltz through a gyrating kaleidoscope of dizzying fingerwork. But where ‘Lanai’ waltzed, ‘Bedside Manor’ exercises more of a drowsy stumble. Staggered drums entertain heavy guitar notes before eventually unleashing slow fury in sing-a-long fashion. It’s punk you can’t put a foot wrong to. Wistful warbles for those who like both screaming and scrapbooking.

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Another release You Blew It! have blown out of the water.

A wider glimpse of vulnerability is showcased in closing track ‘Your Side’, a bare-boned skeletal degradation of their usual amalgamation of noise. But by no means is it a dilution. It’s not so much heart-on-sleeve as it is under the microscope as singer Tanner Jones dissects every syllable crooning “I am by your side tonight, no matter how many times you’re convinced otherwise” to the backdrop and slight hum of shimmering cymbals. Overall it’s another release You Blew It! have blown out of the water. Some genre movements don’t need to mature, remodel or move at all. Sometimes you’ve just got to keep doing what you’re doing.  

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