Have You Heard? Marina and the Diamonds - I’m A Ruin

Marina Diamondis’ latest ‘Froot Of The Month’ sees her trapped in love, but sounding liberated.

‘I’m A Ruin,’ is the latest track to be taken from Marina and the Diamonds’ incoming album, ‘Froot’ and it’s an absolute peach. A haunting pop confession in three parts, ‘I’m A Ruin’ sees Marina Diamandis at her most aware. From the opening realisation that she “can’t have it all,” there’s a delicate acceptance to her plight, hidden behind dark glasses and a coy smile.

The sparse heartbeat that cuts beneath Marina’s glitz is a subtle, yet looming presence. This percussive foundation lets ‘I’m A Ruin’ swell into achingly powerful turmoil or sink into quiet moments of defeat. Marina uses this flip of a coin to exploit the lyrical struggle, and her impressive, affecting vocal range.

Despite the darkness, Marina twists ‘I’m A Ruin’ into an ethereal display of light movement. There’s a glitter to the stifled tears and an unflinching confidence that sees her glaring at a bright Froot-ture.

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