Have You Heard? Shura - 2Shy

Shura - 2Shy

Honest songwriting meets gaudy eighties pop panache - the lonely hearts club just found its new theme tune.

If there was even a molecule of vague indecision left in the air, Shura’s all about that pop. ‘2Shy’ sounds like the obligatory last ballady song to wind down a misty 5am basement party. A pre-DFS advert era The Human League were manning the door earlier on, but they’ve long left their posts to repeatedly request ‘Human’ at the DJ booth. Laura Branigan and Hall & Oates are soldiering on and getting in the tequila shots, and Tina Turner is slow dancing with her pal Taylor Dayne. Huge swelling synth-lines bursting with sassy panache are the order of the night here but despite all of Shura’s obviously gaudy pop influences, it’s undoubtedly her party, too, and everyone - no, really, everyone - is invited.

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“We could be more than friends/ baby you’re just too shy,” goes the straight-to-the-point chorus, and true to form, she’s as frank as ever. The central dilemma of the song is hardly new or unique, but through talking about things everyone connects with, Shura’s writing finds a substantial, genuine weight. We’ve all been there walking home in the early hours, sometimes with an irresponsible rollie clutched in our hands, sometimes blasting power ballads through headphones, but always replaying conversations over and over. It looks like the Lonely Hearts Club just got its new theme tune. 

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