Album Review: Factory Floor - 25 25

Factory Floor - 25 25

Factory Floor’s second album sounds as great in a bedroom as it would do in any sweaty nightclub.


‘25 25’ is Factory Floor’s second album on DFA Records, and first as a two-piece. The record sees Nik Void and Gabriel Gurnsey venture further into their club, bringing their recorded output closer to the experience of their now-infamous, pulsating live show.

Opener ‘Meet Me At The End’ sets out the album’s intentions plainly - a relentless, unforgiving slab of heart-racing techno, which is quickly followed up by the slightly more up-and-down but no less effective ‘Relay’.

‘25 25’ was mixed by David Wrench, who’s worked with Caribou, and the slowly building techno produced here recalls Dan Snaith’s heaviest moments. The album’s title track is a perfectly to-the-point cut, rising and falling with precision, but never losing its crushing backbeat. It’s a crystal clear reproduction of one of the band’s joyous live sets - something that’s rarely able to be replicated on tape.

The album’s highlight is ‘Ya’, a gloriously simple, no fuss crash through seven minutes, and a track that picks up a pace that was slightly starting to wane towards the end of ‘25 25’.

‘Upper Left’ sends the album off into the night in a slightly dreamier fashion, with ‘25 25’ replicating the up and down, beginning and end of the best nights out, in the way only Jon Hopkins’ ‘Immunity’ has recently managed.

While Factory Floor have made their home in the club, their 2013 debut didn’t quite manage to recreate the euphoria they produce live. ‘25 25’ sounds as great in a bedroom as it would do in any sweaty nightclub, and for that reason, it’s a triumph.

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