Have You Heard? Empress Of – Go To Hell

Empress Of – Go To Hell

Lorely Rodriguez returns, and she’s sounding more confident than ever.

On last year’s stand-alone single ‘Woman Is A Word’, Lorely Rodriguez, better known as Empress Of, interrogated the meaning – or more aptly, the meaningless nature – of gender. It was her attempt to consolidate the feelings she had by being labelled as a “woman”, that to the outside world it restricted her in terms of her potential and capability, even if those limits were completely artificial constructs.

As such, ‘Woman Is A Word’ was also a wispy examination of gender politics, one that used its music just as much as its lyrics to put across its social message. ‘Go To Hell’ does exactly the same, but much like its title suggests, it’s a strident and supremely confident slice of electro-pop. Across big beats and glistening, crystalline synths she addresses the nature of criticism head on, addressing similar issues of potential to ‘Woman Is A Word’ in an even more forthright manner.

Lorely questions why it is that some people think that they know how her creative mind works, and that they can do her job better than her. “Tell me about my potential and if you were me what you would do”, she says, “is this conversation an interview?” In the choruses, she becomes even more direct: “Everyone around me thinks I’m going to fail, but they can go to hell”. Lorely is taking no prisoners, and as a statement of intent and a declaration of self-confidence and empowerment, it doesn’t get much stronger than this.

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