Neu Pick: Taliwhoah’s latest track encourages you to hear the ‘Details’

Taliwhoah’s latest track encourages you to hear the ‘Details’

Talitha Cross’s latest blend of dusky R&B, dancehall and electronica is today’s Neu Pick.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Taliwhoah.

London-born, Los Angeles-based singer Talitha Cross, better known under the moniker Tailwhoah, had a pretty unique and roundabout introduction to the art of songwriting. Although she grew up in a very musical family, with her aunt Maizie Williams and mother Toyin Adekale both being in Boney M, she relocated to America at 13, where she studied dance in LA.

It was only during a particularly testing time that her desire to develop songs began to blossom. Left homeless due to some unfortunate personal circumstances, she slept in Union Station for a nuber of nights. “I was scared”, she admits, “so I wrote songs because I couldn’t listen to music.” “It was a survival tactic”, she says. Little did she know that those testing times would set her on a totally different, life-changing course.

Now her full length debut ‘New Wave Order’ is due, and she’s offered up a slice from it that encapsulates her take on R&B. ‘Details’ is a slightly downtempo slice of R&B infused with dancehall elements that’s born for the twilight hours. Speaking of the track, Talitha said: “Details is really insight into how I sometimes go through my mind reflecting on life and the encounters that have had a long lasting affect on me. Our bodies and minds experience so many different things, some we get over quite quickly, others not so much. However, those experiences that do have a way of leaving their mark on us, mould the person we become; even if its in the minor details”.

Just like the people we meet in life that she speaks of, there’s also more to her new track that leaves a mark if you scratch the surface. “Pay attention to the details” she encourages, and doing so reveals little elements that really bring the vibrancy of Talitha’s work to light. From muted synth lines to the addition of little tinny beats, swirling, atmospheric and slightly glitchy bursts and even to the way the beats weave in and out of the mix, the foundation on which her can glide gracefully across is a constantly shapeshifting landscape, one that’s almost impossible not to sit up and pay attention to. Taliwhoah indeed.

Get the first look at the video for ‘Details’ below.

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