Premiere: Pale Honey announce their new album with ‘Get These Things Out Of My Head’

Pale Honey announce their new album with ‘Get These Things Out Of My Head’

The Gothenburg-based duo are releasing new album ‘Devotion’ in October!

It’s been two years since Tuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey – better known as Gothenburg-based duo Pale Honey – released their self-titled debut album, but over the last couple of months they’ve given us little glimpses into their future with ‘Real Thing’ and ‘Why Do I Always Feel This Way?

Now, they’ve announced that their new album ‘Devotion’ will be out on 13th October via Bolero Recordings! Written and recorded with Anders Lagerfors in Gothenburg, it’ll see them honing in on their songwriting craft and staying curious, stretching themselves to try new things. As the title might suggest, it’s also set to be a record that deals with relationships in all forms, including the relationship that people have with themselves.

Speaking of the new album, the band said: “Our debut album included songs that we wrote as teenagers and settled for anything that sounded good. For ‘Devotion’, we became extremely picky and left out a lot of songs that are good, but just didn’t fit in together or didn’t feel good enough. It has taken it’s time, two years of touring and writing but we’ve also had some time apart to be able to let ideas come in more environments than in the rehearsal room or studio. As we have pushed ourselves, we have become more confident in what we’re doing and what we like and don’t regarding our music”.

To give a taster of what to expect from the album, the pair have shared ‘Get These Things Out Of My Head’, a blast of distorted guitars and creeping, almost doom-laden synths that tells a very personal story for singer and guitarist Tuva. In it, she grapples with her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which she’s battled since she was a teenager.

Speaking of the track, Tuva said: “For me, this is very personal to talk about. I even wanted to change the lyrics for the song to be about something else before we recorded the vocals, I was so afraid of what other people would know about me. But after I gave it some thought, why would I censor myself that way? We make music because it’s true. We write to deal with ourselves and things that happen around us. This condition I’ve been in is a big part of me and I want to be true to myself and shed some light on the disease. It’s more common than people think”.

Listen to ‘Get These Things Out Of My Head’ and see the album tracklisting below.

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1. Replace Me
2. Someone’s Devotion
3. Get These Things Out Of My Head (Devotion Pt. 1)
4. The Heaviest Of Storms
5. Lesson Learned
6. Real Thing
7. 777 (Devotion Pt. 2)
8. Sweep
9. Golden
10. Why Do I Always Feel This Way?

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