Album Review Ty Segall - Freedom’s Goblin

Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin

Identity firmly cemented, now Ty’s just having fun within it.


By this point, you’re either into Ty Segall or you’re not. Now with ten solo LPs, plus at least another ten as part of a constant stream of side projects and collaborations (all in not much more than a decade), the prolific garage rocker (who is still, let it be noted, only 30) has become a fully-fledged cult hero. 

Within this never-ending cycle of new material, there is, of course, a spectrum. On 2012 stand-out ‘Twins’ we largely got Glam Ty. With side project Fuzz, we saw Hard Rawking Ty. On 2013’s ‘Sleeper’, he went all Acoustic Psych-Folk Ty. 

And while ‘Freedom’s Goblin’ doesn’t exactly blow the doors off of his usual sound, it’s a solid addition to the canon that rattles between all corners of this self-made niche. From melodic psych lilts (‘Cry Cry Cry’) to vicious garage punk (‘Meaning’) to playful silliness (a rather excellent cover of Hot Chocolate’s ‘Everyone’s A Winner’), the Cali legend flits between his various personalities while still keeping true to the man at the centre. Identity firmly cemented, now Ty’s just having fun within it. 

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