Album Review Hookworms - Microshift

Hookworms - Microshift

It bristles with life and never sits still.


Negative Space’, the first single released from ‘Microshift’ was one of the most brilliantly surprising returns of last year. Placing the band’s signature fuzzy kraut aside, the track is a soaring punch of dance-rock that catapults the Leeds five-piece towards the dancefloor, somewhere it seemed inconceivable for them to end up.

As ‘Microshift’ rolls along, the lead of ‘Negative Space’ isn’t altogether followed, but there’s a lighter touch to the record, adding contemplation to the already-evident intensity of 2014’s brilliant ‘The Hum’. ‘Static Resistance’ is a breezy follow-up, while ‘Ullswater’’s gloopy, repetitive bassline and anthemic, sweeping conclusion recalls a certain James Murphy.

As with the countless brilliant records he’s worked on over the last five years, MJ’s production shines here - ‘Microshift’ bristles with life and never sits still. Almost drone-like atmospherics sit on ‘The Soft Season’, a track which sees the producer’s vocals shine, replacing his trademark yelp with something, suitably, altogether softer. He proves himself an increasingly versatile vocalist. While ‘The Hum’ proved a logical step forward for Hookworms, ‘Microshift’ pays little attention to the script, and is all the more thrilling for it. 

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